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Quinoa Veggie Salad


One of my favorite side dishes and salads to make involves good ole’ quinoa and some veggies. Super simple, really quick, and tastes like something you’ve worked on all day. I’m sharing my quinoa veggie salad recipe here:

  • Cook quinoa as per instructions. Add Celtic salt, turmeric, and cayenne pepper.
  • Saute onions
  • Chop up all fresh peppers except for green, red onions, green onions, and lots of dill.
  • Cube avocado
  • Mix everything into the quinoa as it is WITHOUT cooking any of the veggies (I leave the veggies raw in order to keep all the nutrients and vitamins alive)

It’s as simple as that! Enjoy your Monday night dinner πŸ™‚


Meal in Minutes

I’m all about the simplest of dishes so I wanted to share something I made yesterday that took minutes and tastes heavenly!

First a dish of steamed veggies with Celtic salt and fresh ground pepper. Veggies include green beans, carrots, fresh pepper, and celery. Follow up dish was some whole grain, gluten free wild rice. Use as side dishes or put them together and eat as your entire meal…simple right?



Kale Caesar Salad

Salads are just one of those dishes that taste amazing and refreshing with every meal. They are a light pick me up during the day that won’t make you bloat or feel guilty. A favorite and old school classic is the Caesar salad until I made it my very own and added one of my most favorite ingredients; kale!

I now ONLY eat kale Caesar salad and it is a whole new experience!

Very simply:

  • coarsely ripped apart kale leaves
  • any croutons you desire
  • light Caesar dressing
  • Use any other seasoning or topping you prefer

Caesar salad will never be the same!


Xoxo and have a beautiful day everyone πŸ™‚



Brussels Sprout Chips


We all have a craving for some delicious and baked chips every once in a while well now you can crave them and eat them too! Brussels Sprout chips are definitely the way to go and they have become one of my favorite super easy dishes to make in a hurry. (If you are stuck on what to make for a side dish, this is something you will NOT feel guilty about)


My take on Brussels Sprout chips goes as follows:

  • Heat oven to 350 degrees
  • Take a bunch of washed Brussels Sprouts and cut the stems off, letting the leaves fall off. Cut more off the bottom to let more leaves separate.
  • Toss the leaves Β in olive oil, Celtic salt, and fresh ground pepper (or any other spice you prefer)
  • Lay them out flat on a baking sheet and pan
  • Bake in the oven until the leaves turn light brown and crispy (10 min or more depending on your oven)
  • Enjoy!!

P.S.- the left over whole Brussels Sprouts can be steamed or roasted later

(Photo courtesy of fitsugar.com)