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New Years Eve 2015

New Years inspiration board right here…oh yea and our specials for tomorrow and Thursday:

💥 󾭚$150 Hair & makeup (contour, highlighting, & lashes) along with an updo or curls…your choice!
💥 󾭚$100 ombrè or peekaombré
💥 󾭚FREE split end treatment
💥 󾭚$50 Facial with anti-aging mask
💥 󾭚$80  Radio Frequency session with a half hour massage
💥 󾭚$30 Mani, pedi, lips, and eyebrows

󾭚and most importantly…an amazing time at the salon!! Text me to book if you still haven’t…347-782-6394



Review on Brazilian Blowout


Review straight from the expert this morning!

“I do the Brazilian blowout on myself every 3 months.. It keeps my hair healthy and manageable… Gets rid of the frizz.. I was walking around like this in the rain yesterday… Hair stayed till now! And will stay till I wash it.. When I wash my hair I still need to go over it with the blow dryer but it takes me a quarter of the time.. I don’t have to straighten it either, I can leave my natural wave or I can use a curling iron for volume.. Which is why I love this product!! U can still get volumized hair!!”

If you are anyone you know is interested in booking a Brazilian blowout, call or text Limor directly for an appointment! Have an amazing Thursday everyone!!




…By Limor is coining the term right here, right now! A one of a kind creation, the PEEKAOMBRÉ!!

The hottest trend for the summer is spreading in popularity from every celeb to so many of my clients. This unique style is a blend of peekaboo highlights with an ombré finish bringing the best of both styles together into an amazing and fresh look! Every client will get a consultation regarding the best peekaombré color for their hair so we can create a custom look that is all YOU! 

Book your appointment today and don’t go another day without rocking the best style of the season…you’ll be happy you booked!

Salon is located on 6001 Strickland Ave. in Mill Basin Brooklyn, NY


Brazilian Blowout


With summer rolling around, we finally get the chance to take the hats and hoods off and show off our tresses. Winter may have been harsh and may have dried out your hair, roots, and taken away all the shine and nutrients; that is why …By Limor salon and spa offers the one of a kind Brazilian Blowout treatment for every client. The treatment that adds life back to your hair, restores shine, nutrients, and eliminates frizz. 

It will take 5 minutes for your blowout and will last 3-6 months along with Acai aftercare products offered from Brazilian Blowout and sold by us! This unique blowout is one of the only treatments that will take away hair damage caused by heat, cold, and hot irons. At …By Limor we are able to treat your hair while giving you the sleek look you have always wanted. We can work on straight, wavy, and curly hair but the result will always be amazing. 

The difference between this high nutrient keratin treatment compared to your standard Japanese straightening solution is that Brazilian Blowout is proven to make your hair feel amazing while adding nutrients from root to tip instead of stripping your hair of all natural vitamins. 

Book an appointment today to see what your hair has been missing. 


Color Correction Remedy


Ladies, at some point in our lives we have decided to color our hair and make it lighter, darker, highlighted, or a different color all together. Every single color job, we hope for the absolute best results but the reality is that we are not ALWAYS thrilled with the completed look;  that is why you are now being introduced to the best home remedy you will ever read about! This remedy is for those of us who want our dyed hair to be a few shades lighter either because we have grown to hate the darker color or because we just want a change. Whether you want to lighten black hair, red hair, dark blonde hair…this solution works to lighten any dyed color.


  • 4 TBS. Powdered Vitamin C
  • Head and Shoulders shampoo (& conditioner for later)
  • Shower cap or cling wrap (to prevent the die from dripping down your neck and shoulders)


  • Mix Vitamin C powder (or crushed tablets) with the shampoo until everything is combined.
  • Apply mixture to damp, towel dried hair making sure to create a nice lather and work it into your ends.
  • Cover hair with shower cap or cling wrap
  • Wait 45 min
  • Rinse (hair may be a little dry from the mixture so the conditioner comes in handy here)

That is all it takes to strip the dark dye and turn your hair up to 5 times lighter. Book an appointment to transform your newly lightened hair and get a fresh look!
Share and pass along this amazing home color correction technique to everyone!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!