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You can now view the official price list by clicking the link below. Any special services or applications, please private message us on Facebook or contact Limor directly by texting 347-782-6394

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Color Correction Remedy


Ladies, at some point in our lives we have decided to color our hair and make it lighter, darker, highlighted, or a different color all together. Every single color job, we hope for the absolute best results but the reality is that we are not ALWAYS thrilled with the completed look;  that is why you are now being introduced to the best home remedy you will ever read about! This remedy is for those of us who want our dyed hair to be a few shades lighter either because we have grown to hate the darker color or because we just want a change. Whether you want to lighten black hair, red hair, dark blonde hair…this solution works to lighten any dyed color.


  • 4 TBS. Powdered Vitamin C
  • Head and Shoulders shampoo (& conditioner for later)
  • Shower cap or cling wrap (to prevent the die from dripping down your neck and shoulders)


  • Mix Vitamin C powder (or crushed tablets) with the shampoo until everything is combined.
  • Apply mixture to damp, towel dried hair making sure to create a nice lather and work it into your ends.
  • Cover hair with shower cap or cling wrap
  • Wait 45 min
  • Rinse (hair may be a little dry from the mixture so the conditioner comes in handy here)

That is all it takes to strip the dark dye and turn your hair up to 5 times lighter. Book an appointment to transform your newly lightened hair and get a fresh look!
Share and pass along this amazing home color correction technique to everyone!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!

Wig Treatment


Hair is an essential part of our lives. It represents a certain look we want to portray, a certain season we want to transition to, or a specific style we want to show off.

Hair should have no limitations and that includes wigs. For the woman who wants a little something different without changing her natural hair structure or for the woman who is observing a religious belief, a wig can be beneficial in every aspect of your life.

Wigs have become so versatile and easy to alter and Limor is here with all the expertise you will need. After years of professional training, Limor used to teach her clients and friends as well as wig companies how to cut and color wigs. Custom coloring and cutting wigs gives you the freedom to wear your hair anyway you like! Popular styles have been ombre, peek-a-boo highlights, regular highlights or classic color. If you own a wig and this is something your are interested in, contact Limor at the salon or email directly at getpampered@bylimor.com for the custom wig treatment you have been waiting for.


Ombre Hair

OmbreSnow may still be in the forecast and icy temperatures are still possible for us here on the East coast, but we are already dreaming of summer styles and with summer styles come a few necessary changes to our hair!

Ombre hair has been HUGE in the past and it is definitely here to stay! ...By Limor is professionally trained by John Berrett himself and has mastered the technique of ombre coloring to perfection. It is a careful and intricate technique of creating color that blends into your natural hair color creating a fluid gradient of dark to light. Ombre hair looks amazing whether it is curled, braided, blown out, or wavy. The gradient color scheme also adds definition and life to the hair.

…By Limor is at your service to create a custom, one of a kind ombre look. Consultations are available and extensions coloring is also available.

Message on our Facebook page or send a direct message on Twitter. You can also book an appointment on Vagaro or call 347-782-6394.


The countdown to …By Limor on the go begins!

With 3 more days of work left, now is your time to book for cut, color, extensions, blowout, highlights, split end mender, and anything else your hair desires. Specials will be running all week for my beauties in New York while I’m away,  giving you the chance to try out some amazing new stylists trained by Limor.

If you haven’t already, now is your chance to experience the sleek, modern salon..By Limor. Lay back and take advantage of our luxurious amenities while you get a pedicure, or watch one of our amazing stylists transform your hair into runway tresses. Book today and get it all

For my amazing ladies in Miami, book your appointment with me now. Send me photos of your hair so I can match your extensions and bring you the best from NY. Send me a message on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail me at getpampered@bylimor.com

Extensions…By Limor


We have all heard the term “Long Hair, Don’t Care!” Well this is the place to live out that mantra to the fullest!

Those short hair styles like pixie cuts and bobs are definitely at the top of our list for best ways to frame the face but sometimes you need a new long ‘do and you just have no time to wait for your gorgeous tresses to grow..By Limor will do custom extensions tailored to your hair. All it takes is a consultation to get a feel and look at your hair and I will pick out the best extensions for you. They will then be custom colored and cut to your desired look. Everything is natural and seamless so the extensions you get will never look fake or messy and they will never be visible. They come in every color and length to fit your exact hair texture. No one including yourself will be able to tell the difference and you’ll be red carpet ready in no time at all!

The look you want is the look you will get, guaranteed!

Contact …By Limor for your first consultation or call the salon at (888) 577-0017

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…By Limor is now on the go!

Bringing beauty to my amazing clients everywhere I go and this time it will be in Miami! From January 21st through the 28th, I will be available for my amazing clients in the general Miami area for all your hair, color, extensions, and makeup needs. If you are interested in extensions, please send me a photo of your hair in advance so that I can custom color and cut in New York and bring you the best extensions to Miami.

Book your appointment with me now!

Message on Facebook, send a DM on Twitter, email me at getpampered@bylimor.com OR call me (347)782-6394

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The Total Transformation of Before & After…By Limor

Cuts and colors are the ultimate transformations.

I live for the before and afters I can give my clients; this is one of the things that genuinely puts a smile on my face and makes me fall in love with my job more and more. The changes I make are always well thought out and unique because after so many years of being in the field I have created my own system for giving you the ultimate look.

Before After

The system I use is based on each individual hair style and hair type. I position the highlights according to the haircut I give so everything is always symmetrical and perfect. This gives you a cut and color that is unlike anything you have ever seen before.

With highlighting or coloring, there comes the question “Will my hair still look silky?” The answer is always YES! We stand behind our products and never use generic brands but only use high end products that are top of the line such as the original Brazilian Blowout split end mender. Every haircut and color is completed with this product to give you the ultimate silky finish.

Before After 2

Message me today at getpampered@bylimor.com or on Facebook for your ultimate “Before & After” transformation and we will plan your free color consultation for the best results.