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Being born to a cosmetologist made it easy for Limor to become a professional hair and make-up consultant. In 1995 she attended The Learning Institute of Beauty Science and graduated with a natural flare that advanced her quickly. Prior to graduating, Limor had some of the biggest names in the industry offering her prominent positions in their company. Instead of taking one of these offers Limor continued expanding knowledge by taking classes in Europe and in the U.S that specialized in hair and makeup artistry. At 18 she started working for the internationally renowned cosmetic and skin care company Il Makiage. After she had gained the experience she wanted she decided to take an offer from Bergdorf Goodman, working under John Barrett. After working there for three years and gaining extensive experience she decided to open her own salon. Coming from a long line of very successful entrepreneurs this was the most logical choice. ...By Limor is the combination of years of education combined with the finest experiences the industry has to offer. Limor has made a name, paying superior attention to both the inside and outside of a womans head. Hair, she believes, should be the glamorous extension of who you are inside. At By Limor, we set new standards for brides . By Limor salon is located in the heart of Mill Basin. Come spend the day in our elegant, discrete, and beautiful location, and get your hair, nails, and makeup done by world class professionals, Who pamper you from head to toe and ready to go.

Spring Cleanse

Spring time is a great time to begin cleansing your body of all those winter toxins. Remember all the comfort food you ate during the cold days to stay warm? Time to cleanse your body of it and prepare it for fresh ingredients and beach time. I will be sharing some of my favorite juices that I have done and some recipes I have found along the way that can help us all reveal that beach body to the world….

Today I am loving a little something green.

A bunch of celery along with a few leaves of kale and parsley will do the tick. Now sweeten it up with some green apple. To give it that extra zinger of flavor you can use 1 lime, 1 lemon, and a little bit of ginger. If you prefer it on the less sour side, just use either lime OR lemon, not both…flavor preference is up to you. Cilantro is also a great ingredient to add to any green juice.

the Cultureist

(Photo & recipe courtesy of the Cultureist)


Quinoa Salad (easiest dinner idea!)


Sometimes I want to eat simple, healthy, delicious, and something that takes little to no effort to make. That dish is a quinoa veggie salad.

Cook your quinoa as you normally would and let it cool off. While it’s cooling, chop up some fresh peppers (a variation in color is always fun), scallions, celery, cucumbers, zucchini, and shred some carrots.

Have a little olive oil and  fresh lemon to squeeze for the dressing and add a little spice with turmeric, Celtic salg and you’re done.. enjoy!

The Power of Fiuggi

Is it something you would give a try? Experts and residents say that the water has never made them feel better than ever and the feeling only increases the more they drink this water. Watch and see for yourself. If you’re convinced…it’s definitely something you can purchase here!


New Years Eve 2015

New Years inspiration board right here…oh yea and our specials for tomorrow and Thursday:

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Skin & Anti-craving Water


New day, new h2O recipe! This one is all about keeping your skin beautiful and hydrated while controlling your cravings throughout the day. This recipe has all the ingredients to improve circulation, manage blood sugar levels, repair and maintain bone and teeth health, and get rid of stomach cramps and constipation! If you think it sounds complicated..think again because you may just have all these ingredients in your fridge right now!

  • 1/2 small lemon
  • 1 strawberry sliced
  • 1/4 apple sliced
  • few fresh mint leaves
  • 1/4 tsp. of cinnamon
  • 24 oz. of ice cold water

Infuse everything overnight for the best results and then take it on the go in the morning!


(photo & recipe courtesy via

Flat Tummy Water


In the middle of the summer, there are days when you wake up and the weather is so beach perfect that it would be a crime not to hop into a bikini and head on out… but then the aweful bloating happens (womp, womp)
Here is a little recipe to follow to prevent that annoying bloated tummy. Make this and keep it available in your fridge for a quick detox and de-bloat.

In a BPA-free pitcher or a mason jar, add the following:

6 cups of filtered water
1 tbsp of grated ginger
1 cucumber
1 sliced lemon
1/2 cup of sliced mint leaves
Let the mixture infuse overnight and you’re all set for a flat tummy in the morning!

Dairy Free Life

Today my home is completely dairy-free and there is a reason for that; it is a positive one and one that has changed my life around. I used to suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and sought out treatment after treatment until I was advised by a healer to begin eliminating dairy from my diet and go in search of a substitute that would give me the nutrients and all the good calcium I was lacking. The day that I stopped consuming dairy is the day that I got my life and health back. If you don’t believe my reasons, take a look at a few accounts where milk has done more harm than good.
Miranda Barzey, wrote an entrance in the “Modern Paleo: The blog” about the day she cut out dairy from her diet and the wonders it did to heal her eczema. Dr. Mark Hyman, an American physician and author focuses on the truth about dairy and what many of us may have not known. A few facts he mentions is that dairy may actually increase fractures in the body. He also mentions that countries with the lowest rates of dairy and calcium consumption (like those in Africa and Asia) have the lowest rates of osteoporosis. He goes into detail in his blog post.

According to Baseline of Health Foundation, removing dairy from the diet has been shown to shrink enlarged tonsils and adenoids, indicating relief for the immune system by reducing Circulating Immune Complexes. This would be a preventative measure for going under surgery.

The elimination of dairy has personally improved my way of life. Today both my children and me are living a healthier lifestyle with dairy substitutes and getting all the calcium we need from products such as almond milk, coconut milk, and many other non-dairy and vegan products.

Let me know what you think and if you believe this is the best lifestyle to adapt to.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone!!

Stuffed Peppers Dinner


When I’m in the mood to cook something with a little extra sustenance, I go towards stuffed peppers. Once your stuffing is ready to go and stuffed inside the peppers all it takes is a little time to cook in the oven and you’re done! The particular stuffing I use includes ground meat; you can use any sort you like or take the meat-less route and use quinoa, gluten free pasta or veggies.

Here is the recipe to my stuffing:

  • Red bell peppers (stems cut to make a lid and de-seeded)
  • Ground Meat
  • Cilantro
  • 1/4 cup rice
  • Parsley
  • Garlic
  • Tomato sauce (organic or make your own)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cumin

Mix everything together and use the sauce to pour over the peppers once they are stuffed. Chop up a few potatoes to throw into the mix if you like. Line all the peppers in a baking tray with a little olive oil and throw into the oven at 350 till the peppers are soft and the meat is cooked (usually takes 1 hour)

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you spend a little time in the kitchen, you’re probably using all kinds of ingredients and one of them may just call for vinegar.                                                                                                                      Maybe you don’t have the ingredient and just want a substitute or are looking for an alternative and something with a slightly better taste, apple cider vinegar is the way to go! It is produced from aged, crushed apples which definitely give a few added benefits over your ordinary vinegar. My personal favorite is Trader Joe’s organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

Check out some of the amazing benefits below and choose to switch; your body will love it!

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