My Restart Button

bundle_3_4 After my vacation, I gained some extra pounds thanks to all the relaxing, lounging around, eating all the delicious food that Israel has to offer, and just enjoying the environment. I have a plan for the week to get me back in shape and back to a healthier routine. This first week is critical and I wanted to share what I plan on doing and maybe get some support from everyone 🙂

  • Tuesday:  Fast
  • Wednesday & Thursday: Juice cleanse
  • Friday: Juice cleanse & Back to the gym

Fingers crossed that I last all week! I am also sharing below the juice cleanse I will be doing: This juice cleanse is amazing for the simple reason that it is like a restart button for the body. It rids the body of toxins, which takes away bloating and discomfort. All of the juices are filled with nutrients that give the body what it needs while taking away cravings during the day and helping with weight loss. I won’t need to stop my hectic day at all while on this cleanse; which is why I love it even more 🙂


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