Extensions…By Limor


We have all heard the term “Long Hair, Don’t Care!” Well this is the place to live out that mantra to the fullest!

Those short hair styles like pixie cuts and bobs are definitely at the top of our list for best ways to frame the face but sometimes you need a new long ‘do and you just have no time to wait for your gorgeous tresses to grow..By Limor will do custom extensions tailored to your hair. All it takes is a consultation to get a feel and look at your hair and I will pick out the best extensions for you. They will then be custom colored and cut to your desired look. Everything is natural and seamless so the extensions you get will never look fake or messy and they will never be visible. They come in every color and length to fit your exact hair texture. No one including yourself will be able to tell the difference and you’ll be red carpet ready in no time at all!

The look you want is the look you will get, guaranteed!

Contact …By Limor for your first consultation or call the salon at (888) 577-0017


About bylimor

Being born to a cosmetologist made it easy for Limor to become a professional hair and make-up consultant. In 1995 she attended The Learning Institute of Beauty Science and graduated with a natural flare that advanced her quickly. Prior to graduating, Limor had some of the biggest names in the industry offering her prominent positions in their company. Instead of taking one of these offers Limor continued expanding knowledge by taking classes in Europe and in the U.S that specialized in hair and makeup artistry. At 18 she started working for the internationally renowned cosmetic and skin care company Il Makiage. After she had gained the experience she wanted she decided to take an offer from Bergdorf Goodman, working under John Barrett. After working there for three years and gaining extensive experience she decided to open her own salon. Coming from a long line of very successful entrepreneurs this was the most logical choice. ...By Limor is the combination of years of education combined with the finest experiences the industry has to offer. Limor has made a name, paying superior attention to both the inside and outside of a womans head. Hair, she believes, should be the glamorous extension of who you are inside. At By Limor, we set new standards for brides . By Limor salon is located in the heart of Mill Basin. Come spend the day in our elegant, discrete, and beautiful location, and get your hair, nails, and makeup done by world class professionals, Who pamper you from head to toe and ready to go.

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