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Kale Chips


Health nuts like me tend to stay on the same course when it comes to healthy eating. My love for kale is pretty evident so do not be surprised when I tell you that I love eating kale as though they are chips; yes EXACTLY like the previous Brussels spouts chips recipe, I do the same thing to my kale leaves.

Super easy and with so many variations available, I never feel like I’m eating a low calorie veggie. My Vega has THREE amazing kale chip recipes that I will definitely have to try but my simple take on it goes as as follows:

  • Preheat oven to 320 F
  • Wash a bunch of kale leaves (as many as you want)
  • Toss with organic olive oil (just enough for a light coating), Celtic salt, and ground fresh pepper (amount varies to your taste)
  • Prepare a flat pan and baking sheet and spread all the leaves out flat in a single layer
  • Pop them into the oven for about 40 minutes or until they turn as crispy as you like them. (Once they begin to get crisp, they can over crisp very quickly so check on them in the last 10 min of baking)
  • Enjoy and store any leftovers in an airtight container (if you can resist)

Happy Healthy Lunching everyone!!

(photo courtesy of My Vega)


International Bride


Bridal…By Limor is now going INTERNATIONAL!!

This is the first time that Limor and her entire beauty team will be going above and beyond for your special day.

Bridal packages will come with everything you would expect and want for your day including hair color, hair styling, hair treatments, Brazilian blowouts, extensions, makeup, nails and anything else you may need, just inquire within! Stay in the comfort of your own home and country and let Limor and her team do all the traveling because this day is simply about you.

Bringing all the best and most amazing products to you so you never even have to lift a finger on the day of your wedding.                                                                                                                         And remember this unique deal is only available for the gorgeous brides and bridal parties around the world. Contact Limor on her Facebook or Twitter page to get all the details on how we can start planning your magical event.

Couture Earrings

Earrings are an integral part to any fabulous outfit. They draw attention your beautiful face and just complete your entire look. Say hello to a collection from the couture boutique…By Limor.

Remember, everything from the boutique can be shipped all over the US. Contact us on the Facebook page for more information!

Earrings 1

Chanel for iPhone

Chanel iPhone

Your style is all about what you wear, how you wear it, and what you want it to mean. Not only does your skin deserve a little couture, but your phone does also! In the world of technology, we can get caught up with all the newest gadgets and all the upgraded phones but one thing remains the same..Chanel!

Chanel represents an air of elegance and timelessness. It represents femininity to the extreme so why not give your phone a little pick-me-up by dressing it up in Chanel. We have a classic little case for your iPhone that you are sure to absolutely fall in love with. Now available through the Couture Boutique…By Limor and can be shipped all over the USA. Give your phone an upgrade, it will match your outfit; we promise 😉

Brussels Sprout Chips


We all have a craving for some delicious and baked chips every once in a while well now you can crave them and eat them too! Brussels Sprout chips are definitely the way to go and they have become one of my favorite super easy dishes to make in a hurry. (If you are stuck on what to make for a side dish, this is something you will NOT feel guilty about)


My take on Brussels Sprout chips goes as follows:

  • Heat oven to 350 degrees
  • Take a bunch of washed Brussels Sprouts and cut the stems off, letting the leaves fall off. Cut more off the bottom to let more leaves separate.
  • Toss the leaves  in olive oil, Celtic salt, and fresh ground pepper (or any other spice you prefer)
  • Lay them out flat on a baking sheet and pan
  • Bake in the oven until the leaves turn light brown and crispy (10 min or more depending on your oven)
  • Enjoy!!

P.S.- the left over whole Brussels Sprouts can be steamed or roasted later

(Photo courtesy of

Accessorize Your Skin

IMG_4197 copy

Couture…By Limor delivers incredible fashion for the glam beauty that you are. As an expert, you know that couture doesn’t stop at what you wear on your back but continues to the accessories you decorate your skin with. As the ultimate fashionista you want something with a little pizzazz, sparkle, and shine; and we are here to deliver!

The By Limor boutique now carries several gorgeous pieces to spice up your evening dress and make the rest of you shine! Everything you see is available to be shipped everywhere in the United States.

Keep your eyes peeled for additions to the collection!

Prom Makeup


Just as important for your prom is the makeup. Your face is the definition of who you are and what you want to express. …By Limor makeup is one of a kind and custom made for you. I will focus on your facial structure and find the best look for you with my own custom eye shadows, foundations, and lipstick.

View below for some of the looks that …By Limor has done in the past to complete some gorgeous prom looks. You can go for a full dramatic effect with your eyes and lips. You may also want to opt for a more natural look or something in between like a dramatic lips and natural eyes combo or the reverse. The …By Limor pink diamond lip color has been a hit all summer giving you a natural yet dazzling lip for an effect that will definitely WOW. Pick your look and I will re-create it…giving you a creation that you will remember for years to come.



Prom Hair

With prom season just around the corner, …By Limor wants to offer a day of beauty for the gorgeous young ladies who will be attending that perfect night. We will give you a look that will make all your classmates green with envy.

We understand how important your prom night is from the dress, to the shoes, to the makeup, and especially the hair. We are here to make you look stunning, ravishing, glowing, and every other adjective that can express your beauty on that special night. Message us today to plan your appointment for a hair trial so that we can help you pick the perfect prom look. View our photo collage below to see examples of some of the gorgeous looks we have created for unforgettable prom nights.



Couture…By Limor


…By Limor brings everything you need to look and feel amazing. From the makeup to the hair styling, bridal treatments to massages, and now we are introducing Couture..By Limor. The salon truly becomes full service with this amazing feature.

Now when you come to color and blowout your tresses, you can leave with an amazing couture dress, jewelry, and phone accessory. Why go anywhere else when this can now become your one stop shop for everything a girl needs? The salon features a convenient private changing area so you can browse through the collection of couture and pick out your favorite accessory to go with it. Never rushed but always at your service for anything you need for a big night out.

Come in drab, come out fab! That is the ...By Limor promise hands down.

See something you absolutely love but can’t take home right away? Well the boutique items are shipped all over the U.S.A. Simply reserve your must-have piece and it’s yours; shipped anywhere in US you please.